Drain unblocking

This is done by using Drain rods or the Jetter. I will start by finding the Drain Blockage and then work with either of the tools I have to remove it as cost effectively as possible.

Whilst unblocking the drain I will asses the drain runs and manholes and inform you of any problems that I may find and find a solution to prevent future problems.



I use a Nixon 2000 psi Manual Jetting unit to clear any blockages and also clean drain runs. It is potable unit and can be used in the smallest and most awkward of spaces. If I have unblocked your drains I can then offer a cleaning service with the Jetter to make sure that the problems do not reoccur. The Jetter cuts through grease and grime to leave the drains as sparkly as they can be.



CCTV Inspection

CCTV inspections can be done on their own or as part of a full service. If you just require the knowledge of your drain runs for your own records or for building work I can show you on the camera itself and then draw up a written report with my findings.

CCTV Inspections can also be used after a blocked drain, if the reason for the blockage is unclear then I can Inspect the drain with the camera and often find the cause further down the pipe run.



Repair work

We can offer full repair work and replacement pipes and manholes. I can either dig by hand or machine as I am a fully licensed digger driver so there is no job too big or small.

We can replace new UPVC pipe runs and also have the facility's to repair old clay pipes.

Once the repair work has been carried out, often as I mentioned this would require digging up the ground, you can rest assure we will tidy up and clean all the area and re lay any grass etc that we can.



Pump Stations

We can offer a Pump Station Service weather this be a one off or on a regular basis. Where we will come out and check everything is in full working order and report any issues. If there are any issues found we can then offer you the follow on works. We can also install new Pump Stations to replace existing worn out ones.



Treatment Plants

We can offer a full service on Treatments Plants to ensure they are all in correct working order. If there are any working issues with the Treatment Plants we can repair them and clean them. This can be done as a one off or on a regular basis. Again we can install new treatment plants to replace old ones.



Guttering Clearing

Guttering clearing can be done all throughout the year with most problems occurring in the Autumn due to falling leaves. I will clear out all guttering's and clean them so they are free of blockages.

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